What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

When a group of individuals, all whom have suffered the same or very similar injuries caused by a product or process decide to sue the defendant as a homogeneous group, this is a class action lawsuit. Often this action is referred to as mass tort litigation or multi-district litigation. Whatever the action is called it is when the litigants seek justice and financial retribution for the injuries received by the defective product.

Mass tort litigation usually starts with one person who has been injured by a product; this person consults with a Chicago class action lawyer as they believe there are others who also were injured.

Although many class action lawsuits focus on a particular product or process that has caused injury to many people the class can also be a number of homeowners in a specific area that saw the value of their property decline due to a toxic spill in the area or even investors in a specific stock that were subjected to a fraudulent action.

Why file a class action lawsuit?

What it boils down to is efficiency. A class action lawsuit gathers hundreds; perhaps thousands of potential claims under one suit, far more claims than can be handled efficiently if filed independently. When the judge eventually decides who wins, the decision applies to the entire group. If the case goes in favor of the defendant the lawsuit is simply dismissed, if the case goes in favor of the plaintiffs, the amount recovered is divided amongst those named as plaintiffs in the suit.

Because of the number of people involved, class actions tend to lower the cost of litigation. Even though a typical mass tort action requires a great deal of work for the lawyers, a Chicago class action lawyer has the staff and resources to represent the plaintiffs.

Class action lawsuits are an efficient method of civil litigation. The most efficient way to redress a common problem such as injury from a particular product is to hire a Chicago class action lawyer. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Zimmerman Law Offices.

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