What is an animal hospital?

An animal hospital in Odenton is not a lot different than any hospital, except it is for “non-human” patients. Some animal hospitals focus exclusively on one type of animal; others can offer their services to different animals. Animal hospitals are usually under the control of a veterinarian, a person trained to care for animals. Depending on the facility, animal hospitals can offer limited service such as immunizations, check-ups and prescriptions or full service which includes surgery and various forms of therapy.

Animal hospitals usually have a common standard which is applicable to all. They can also bring themselves to a certain standard which allows them to be accredited by different organizations. Many of these organizations have a strict standard and code of conduct which must be adhered to retain the accreditation. The most common standards include record keeping, proper equipment for diagnosing the animals problem and the employment of at least one licensed veterinarian.


Some animal hospitals specialize in the type of animal they treat. The most common animals are dogs and cats, but there are hospitals and vets that specialize in horses and exotic animals such as snakes and lizards. In rural areas, large animal hospitals are frequently found, but rarely will you find a large animal hospital in Odenton. Many larger and more sophisticated animal hospitals will have a mobile unit as well as the stationary clinic. This can prove to be extremely important in the event the animal is suffering severe trauma and moving it may cause the injury to worsen or even cause death. The mobile clinic can double as an animal ambulance.

Most animal hospitals provide emergency care as well as having regular office hours, however, there are some that do not and in the event of an emergency they will refer you to a different facility. There are also animal hospitals that allow pet owners to walk in without an appointment if their animal has been seriously injured or is extremely sick and needs urgent care.


An animal hospital in Odenton may offer many other services that are animal oriented. Many offer prescription refills to the pet owner, routine check-ups on a scheduled basis, elective surgery and many non invasive offerings as well. Common offerings in an animal hospital are day boarding, long term boarding, grooming and obedience training. Most animal hospitals maintain separate areas for cats and dogs, both inside and in the outside exercise areas.


Payments, both the amount and the payment methods vary from one animal hospital in Odenton to another. Some clinics are very strict on their payment schedule and policies while others are more akin to a human community care service where reduced prices are the norm, as are payment schedules.

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