What Is Brewing For Craft Breweries In Bend OR?

The City of Bend OR is the stuff of legends. However, it is not Big Foot or Aliens or celebrities making this reputation stick. Rather it is the presence of a high number of craft breweries. Internationally, it has achieved the title of Beer –or at least microbrewery capital. This refers to not only the number of breweries in town but also the quality and diversity of the brews they produce.

Closures and Growth

In recent years, the large industrial brewing concerns have faced decreased sales. Some of this decline has been affecting craft breweries. In Bend OR, some small manifestations of this national trend are overt. However, many craft brewing companies are also growing. Others are clearly planning to increase their brewing capacity. This clearly reflects the national craft-brewing trend. According to 2017 figures from the Brewers Association, overall, 165 breweries closed while 997 new one opened.

Bend recently witnessed the closure of North Rim Brewing. Incorporated in 2013, the company sold its first brew in 2014. In 2018, after a valiant attempt to remain open – including a change in ownership and management, it closed its doors for good. However, it was not all bad news for craft breweries in Bend. In fact, two local breweries are expanding in 2018. These are:

1. Kobold Brewing

2. Bend Brewing Company

They are utilizing facilities and lands now left vacant by North Rim to fuel their growth.

Medals Fuel Stability for Craft Breweries

Other breweries continue to thrive partially resulting from their ability to win competitions annually for a quality product. Sunriver Brewing Company is a case in point. In 2017, it won its two gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival. It continues to bring home the hardware, e.g., the Best of Craft Beer Awards (2018).

It joins other Bend OR craft breweries to do so. Among the numerous recipients are

 * 10 Barrel
 * Deschutes
 * Immersion
 * Silver Moon
 * Worthy Brewing

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