What Is Involved In Treating The Home For Ticks In Marlboro, NJ?

In New Jersey, property owners must mitigate serious risks related to pests. If they are pet owners, they must treat pest infestations quickly. Ticks, fleas, and mites pose the most serious risks to pets and the family. Ticks, especially, carry Lyme disease. If it isn’t treated promptly, the disease can become fatal. For this reason, the property owner must act quickly upon their discovery. A local extermination team presents the right treatment options for Ticks Marlboro NJ.

Identify All Affected Areas

The extermination team inspects the entire property. They identify all areas in which ticks are likely to travel. This includes the furniture cushions and carpeting primarily. However, ticks can infest any areas. The extermination team advises the homeowner to check their pets for ticks as well.

Treat the Home Thoroughly

The exterminator sprays the entire property. This kills the ticks and lowers the chances of further infestations. All dead ticks must be cleaned up and removed from the property. The exterminator advises the homeowner about appropriate cleaning steps to remove the ticks. The exterminator uses products that are effective but are safe for pets.

Creating a Barrier Around the Home

It is necessary to treat the exterior of the property as well. This lowers the chances of more ticks entering the home. The ticks are often found in the lawn and attach themselves to pets and clothing. By treating the lawn, this stops further infestations and lowers the risk of contracting Lyme disease.

Treating Pets for Ticks and Fleas

The pet owner must follow proper protocol to treat their pets as well. It is necessary to remove any ticks from the pets quickly. The homeowner must also provide the pet with proper tick and flea treatments. They can apply topical treatments or prescription tablets from the vet.

In New Jersey, property owners must hire an exterminator at the first sign of a tick infestation. Ticks pose a serious health risk to the homeowner, their family, and their pets. The insects burrow into the skin and feed off the blood of their victims. Homeowners who need extermination services for Ticks Marlboro NJ contact an exterminator or Visit site right now.

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