What is roof construction?

During the construction of a house or building of any nature one of the most important elements is the roof. The roof must provide long term protection to the interior of the structure and it does this by providing a waterproof shell. Once the basic framing of the structure is complete and the load bearing walls have been erected the next element to be completed is the roof framing. There are a host of different methods of roof construction and those companies that provide roofing services in Reading are well aware of the local conditions, available roofing material and local customs that affect the design.

The core consideration of a roof is the appropriate design. A roof is composed of three main elements which are taken into consideration during the design phase; the materials used the construction process that is most suitable and the overall cost vs. durability factor. It is these three factors that decide what roof is most appropriate for a given situation.

The materials that are used as the weatherproofing element are chosen with the local weather conditions in mind. A palm frond roof that one associates with a South Sea island is hardly the material that you would use in Northern climates for example. The same logic can be used; a heavily insulated roof using asphalt or tile shingles may be ideal for the North but totally unacceptable in the Southern regions as the heat held in by this roof design would be unbearable.

Local conditions also have a part to play in the roof design. If you live in a part of the country which can expect and comfortably predict that there will be heavy rains and snow then a roof with a steep pitch is usually the most suitable as it can shed the rain and snow faster which in turn reduces the possibility of damage due to excessive roof loading. In other areas where gale force winds are predictable a roof which is designed with a low peak is often best. Even though the peak may be low, it is enough to shed rain bust is better suited to cope with high winds.

Roofing services in Reading deal with the weather and local conditions but also take into consideration the durability, cost and aesthetics. As a roof is a costly component of the building it is expected that it will last a goof number of years. Modern roofing materials that are commonly available can last anywhere from 25 to 100 years, all depending on the material used and its unit cost.

Allen Roofing Supplies is approved by many local authorities to offer roofing services in Reading and the surrounding area. Allen Roofing Contractors have been the leader in roof refurbishment since 1972.


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