What Is the Cost of Post-Construction Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning services can be relatively inexpensive, especially when you take into consideration the value that these services can add to your new build. The cost will differ based on the square footage of your building and whether it is commercial or residential. The price may also vary if you are looking for an ongoing service or one which only cleans the one time. To find out the actual cost to you, you will need to contact a cleaning service for a consultation and estimate.

Commercial or Residential

The difference in the rates between commercial and residential can have as much to do with the personal preference of the cleaning company as it does with the differences in building types. For instance, some companies will only work with residential clients and some will only work with commercial ones. Regardless, you can find help getting the mess out of your new construction or renovation with these companies. Not only can a professional cleaning service find dust and grime that you might miss, they can do so without you having to take the time to do it yourself.

One Time or Ongoing

One of the benefits of hiring post-construction cleaning services is that many also offer ongoing maid services for businesses and families. This means that if you liked the job that the service did after your building was completed, then you will know who to hire for your weekly chore list. If you are hiring a service to come in once a week then your rates may be lower than if you are hiring them for one big, temporary, job.

Once your building is complete, you will need post-construction cleaning services to get rid of the dust and grime which comes with such a large and dirty project. No matter how tidy a construction crew is, there will be something that needs to be cleaned up and a service can do the cleaning for you. Your rates are likely to vary based on square-footage, whether you have a commercial or residential space and whether you are hiring an ongoing service or not.

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