What Makes the Best Hand Dryer

Hand dryers are so common in the public restrooms of the world, but no one gives them much thought until they’re less than perfect. The best hand dryer is one that sits unobtrusively and does its job without raising any eyebrows. To find dryers that fit that description, look for these factors.

Easy Startup

There’s nothing more frustrating than when people are ready to dry their hands and leave the bathroom, but they can’t figure out how to turn the dryer on. There are two ways to fix this: automatic dryers and intuitive push-button models. Dryers that start as soon as people wave their hands underneath prevent confusion. If you prefer a model that starts when a button is pressed, the button should be large and labeled in some way. A good-sized button also allows people to start the machine by pressing with their elbow, to limit the spread of germs.

Speed that You Need

The best hand dryer may not always be the one with the fastest air speed, but it’s always the one that suits your needs. High-speed dryers are preferable in high-traffic restrooms where people are in a hurry to leave and there may even be a line at the dryer. However, lower energy models typically come in more durable casing, which is an advantage in restrooms where vandalism, or destruction of property is a concern.

Energy Efficiency

Hand dryers are already more energy efficient than paper towels, but a green model can even further reduce your environmental impact. Dryers that combine high air speed with low energy consumption are the best option since people can dry their hands and allow the machine to turn off quickly without using too much power in the process.

Choosing the best hand dryer for your needs means balancing the environment of your restroom with the natural environment of the world. Choosing easy, efficient models that meet your needs is the smart choice. Visit WorldDryer.com.

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