What Snorers Should Know About Sleep Apnea in Allentown PA

Restful sleep is essential to good health. People who don’t sleep well tend to be tired during the day and less productive than those who get the recommended hours of sleep at night. They are also more likely to get drowsy while they are driving or performing other dangerous tasks. This can put their lives as well as the lives of others, at risk. Treating sleep problems begins with determining why a person isn’t getting enough rest.

In many cases, the problem is one of the types of sleep apnea. This condition causes a person to stop breathing during the night. When they stop breathing, they typically wake up. This case happens tens of times during the night and although the person with Sleep Apnea in Allentown PA went to bed and woke up at normal times, they won’t feel rested in the morning. This condition may be quite serious and is often accompanied by very loud snoring.

The most common side effect of this condition is fatigue during the day. However, other medical conditions are also related to sleep apnea. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and liver problems are all common among people who have Sleep Apnea in Allentown PA. In addition to these medical problems, they may also be at risk of marital problems because their partners also tend to be sleep deprived due to the loud snoring and worrying about their partner’s breathing.

In some cases, lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation and weight loss are enough to control sleep apnea. When these strategies aren’t effective, there are other treatments available. A CPAP machine is a highly effective, yet sometimes cumbersome device that can control breathing and prevent snoring. Other devices may be available through a doctor or dentist.

When these options aren’t enough to control the condition, surgery may be necessary. People with sleep apnea can visit Allen-ent.com to learn about surgical options. These treatments, although usually not the first choice among doctors, might open the airway and allow people with sleep apnea to breath easily while they sleep. A number of options are available so the treatment can be tailored to the patient and their needs to create the optimal outcome.

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