What to Expect After Being Fitted for Dentures in Oyster Bay NY

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Dental Health

Now that the last of the teeth are gone, it’s time to think about replacements. After an examination by the dentist, it is obvious that Dentures in Oyster Bay NY is the most practical solution. Once the fitting is over, and the plates arrive, the patient can expect several things to take place over the next few weeks. Here are some examples.

Getting Used to the Feel

At first, the Dentures in Oyster Bay NY may feel a little strange. While they look like the real thing and the design makes them comfortable, it will take a little time to get used to the dentures. Every day, the plates will seem to be more of a natural thing and within a week or so wearing them will become second nature.

Learning How to Use Adhesive

Dentures are held in place with the aid of a dental adhesive. As the patient will quickly learn, some products are easier to apply than others. The quality of the hold will also vary from one brand to the next. A little trial and error will take place until the right product is found. Once the patient is happy with how well a particular product keeps the plates in position, it will be easier to relax.

Taking Care of the Plates

The dental hygiene routine will change now that dentures are on the scene. Making sure the plates are kept clean is important. This makes making sure they are in the right type of solution when not in use. Learning to always keep something soft by the sink while cleaning the plates is also important. If they happen to slip out of the hand, it is much better for them to land on a towel than on a hard surface.

For anyone who believes that dentures will be needed soon, visit lvdentalgroup.com today and take a look at the resources provided on the site. After reading some of the information, call the team at the Locust Valley Dental Group and schedule an appointment. After taking a look at the gums and making sure that they will support denture plates, it is just a matter of fitting the patient and ensuring that every detail of the new plates is addressed.

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