What To Expect After Rhinoplasty in Chicago

One of the most popular types of plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. Chicago itself is home to many recipients of this procedure, which can be done relatively quickly, easily, and with lasting benefits. While the long-term benefits are appealing to those considering the procedure, many are unsure of what to expect after rhinoplasty in Chicago in terms of the recovery process. This can cause additional stress and worry surrounding what should otherwise be an empowering decision. Here are some things to keep in mind about recovering from rhinoplasty in Chicago.

Avoid Exercise

Be sure to allow yourself time to go slow, and avoid any type of strenuous exercise. You want to be sure that you are allowing your body time to heal before putting it in situations where you could risk re-injury. Many surgeons advise waiting three or four weeks before resuming any type of exercise regime. Try steady walks and other low impact forms of exercise, that don’t require you to bend over, lift, or move up and down frequently.

Be Prepared For Discomfort

Chances are, the pain won’t be as bad as you anticipate it being. Many people who receive rhinoplasty in Chicago don’t need prescription strength painkillers to manage their pain, and can instead rely on over the counter medications. However, recovery will be uncomfortable. The packing inside your nose will cause you to feel as though your sinuses are constantly stuffed, but be wary about blowing your nose. Too much strain can cause lasting damage, and incredible amounts of pain.

Don’t Smoke

In addition to being good advice for your overall health, it’s especially important in the weeks leading up to and following your surgery. Most surgeons will recommend you avoid smoking for at least three weeks before rhinoplasty, and for three weeks after.

Wear Sunscreen

It is incredibly important to remember following rhinoplasty, however, as receiving too much sun can cause your nose to become discolored, permanently.

Don’t Use Kleenex

Rubbing the nostrils with tissue can make the swelling worse, and can prolong its affect. In addition, this may result in infection or increased bleeding inside the nose. If you notice an increased amount of discharge, speak with your surgeon about the possibility of a moustache dressing, to absorb the discharge and help prevent being tempted to blow or otherwise rub your nose. Any dried mucous that has formed around the nostrils can be cleaned using a combination of warm water and hydrogen peroxide.

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