What To Expect During A Physical Therapy Session

When someone injures their underlying muscles, their doctor may recommend they have Physical Therapy to relieve the pain they are experiencing. Routine physical therapy sessions can help to make the muscles stronger, allowing the person to regain their range of motion as a result. Here are some of the activities one would partake in during a physical therapy session.

First, a physical therapist would ask questions about the injury and do some routine tests to see how much the patient is able to move the area in pain. They would then tailor a personalized routine for the person, so they do not over-exert themselves as they heal.

The injured person would need to do a series of stretches and exercises targeted in toward the area where muscles need strengthening. These would be done several times a week and will intensify in number and duration as the muscles start to heal.

A physical therapist will apply cold ice packs to the area for the first few days after the injury occurs. This will help reduce swelling, which often contributes to pain. Once the inflammation has subsided, most people find that applying heat to the area will feel soothing. This will be done at the physical therapy session to help increase the amount of exercise the person can do comfortably.

Some physical therapists will use the power of massage to help the person’s muscles. This will release any tension from the area, making it easier to for them to use that part of the body. Electric stimulation can also be applied to the muscles. This is done by placing small pads over the area in pain. The are connected to wires which are powered by a machine which sends small jolts of stimulation to the area. This will help relieve the muscles and will strengthen them at the same time.

If someone needs to have Physical Therapy to help with an injury they had acquired, they will want to go to a professional establishment to have the sessions conducted. Take a look at a website like website to find out more about the process if desired. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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