What to Expect From a Dentist in Birmingham Alabama

The worst time to look for a pediatric Dentist in Birmingham Alabama is when your child actually needs one. Settling for just any dentist can prove to be disastrous, and make your child fear the dentist even more than he did before. To avoid having to deal with a scared child, make sure to find a qualified, caring dentist early on, and learn all the ins and outs about his practice and services. Knowing what to expect from the dentist can make the experience less stressful to you and your child.

Pediatric Dental Services

The pediatric dentist of your choice will most likely provide a variety of services. This can range from general checkups and teeth cleaning to fillings and extractions. Some Alabama dentists, such as Dr. Michael S. Anglin, also provide various cosmetic services. These services can include teeth whitening, Lumineers, and bonding. Doctor Anglin personalizes care and treatment plans based on the individual needs of each patient.

The Dental Facility and Its Staff

Many pediatric dentists in Birmingham, AL have a child-friendly facility. Expect to find murals on the walls, kid-appropriate toys and activities, and various magazines for waiting parents. Ideally, the facility of your choice is clean and well-organized, and has a friendly and helpful staff. Choose a Dentist in Birmingham Alabama who’s trained and experienced in pediatric dentistry procedures, and uses the latest technologies and state of the art equipment. He should have a good chair-side rapport and aim to set your child’s mind at ease.

The Dental Office Policies

Dental facilities in Birmingham, AL differ. Some might allow walk-ins, while others might have a strict appointment-only policy. Some dentists also offer after-hours emergency services, or provide patients with an emergency phone number. If you have dental insurance, determine whether the dentist accepts it. Also, ask for a price list of common services so you know what to expect.


Although your child might not like to visit the dentist, knowing that he’s dealing with a friendly professional in a comforting atmosphere, can help set his mind at ease. Even when unpleasant procedures are required, knowing that he’s in good hands can make the experience less intimidating.










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