What to Expect When Having New Windows in St. Paul MN Installed

One of the greatest upgrades you can do to your home is having new windows installed. It will not only help make your home more airtight and lower your utility bills, but it can increase its value and give it unparalleled beauty. If you have older windows that are past their life expectancy, it may be time to contact a professional who can help you replace them. If the idea of replacing your windows causes you stress, keep reading. The following is a brief overview of what you can expect when contractors show up to install new Windows in St. Paul MN. Don’t let what you don’t know keep you from having the quality windows you deserve.

Removal of Old Windows

The first step is to remove your old windows. The contractor you hire will cut away all of the caulk around your windows and look for any screws or nails that are anchoring them in place. These will be extracted, and your old windows will then be lifted out of the frame. You will need to make sure that any pets or children are not around, as broken glass and other debris could be left on the floor and lead to injury.

Preparation for Installation

The next step is to prepare the space for the new windows. They will remove any caulk with a putty knife and inspect the wooden frame to ensure it is in good condition. They will replace any rotten wood before proceeding to ensure your windows are air tight and aren’t at risk of falling out in the future.

New Window Placement

That last step is to put your new Windows in St. Paul MN into place. They will secure them into the frame using wood screws and then caulk around them to ensure that no air can seep between the frame and the window. They may also inject spray foam to help increase the insulation properties. They will also make sure that the windows operate properly.

If you are ready to get new Windows in St. Paul MN, contact the professionals at Minnesota Exteriors Inc. They have a wide selection of windows available, and provide top quality installation services. Call them today to learn more and see for yourself how affordable getting new windows for your home can be. Click here for more details.

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