What to Expect When Installing a New Residential Fence

If you are considering installing a new fence on your property, it is wise to leave the job to professionals. When you purchase a fence, there is a process that the contractor follows. It should be straightforward and simple. Here is a quick peek at what you can expect.


Once you reach out to various fence contractors in Chicago, you may notice that they often send an estimator or a team to your property to review the job. Even though you may speak to them on the phone about the dimensions you need, they still need to come out to verify what is being said is true.

When the fence estimator arrives, he or she walks the exterior of your home and writes down any relevant notes. The property is measured, and they confirm property lines and the type of fencing you are looking for.


Depending on the size of the property, the fence installation can take up to several days to finish. If your municipality requires a permit, the homeowner may have to obtain it before any work can be done. Double check with your fencing company and the town laws to verify if one is needed.

All the proper materials are then brought on site, and work can begin. Ensure that your signed contract is being followed at all times. It is important you are happy with the results. It doesn’t hurt to occasionally spot check the work that is being done.

Final Product

Once the posts, panels, or links have been put up, the fence company usually follows up with some finishing pieces. This includes any gates you desire and decorative pieces. The company typically does a walk through with the homeowner to make sure everything is as expected. Once that is complete, a final inspection may be necessary from your municipality.

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