What to Know About a Scrap Silver Buyer in Texas

Before looking for a scrap silver buyer in Texas, the most important thing to know is that there is a big difference in the two main kinds of scrap silver sold today. Scrap silver is usually found in sterling silver, which can best be identified by its “92.5” mark. Most pieces of jewelry that are made from sterling silver will be marked in an unobtrusive area, for example, the underside of the ring or the clasp of the necklace.

While the vast majority of pieces that bear this marking are legitimate sterling silver, there are a few rare cases where jewelry is not truly sterling but is represented as such. One very quick and easy way to tell if the piece is truly made of silver is the magnet test. Sterling silver is not magnetic, so when a magnet is held an inch or less away from the piece, it will not adhere.

However, base metals may be covered in sterling silver and then improperly marked with a 92.5 insignia. Base metals used in this kind of jewelry are magnetic, and they are strong enough to attract the magnet even through the thin layer of real silver attached to the top of it. Generally, when a piece of jewelry attaches itself to a magnet, it is not legitimate silver. A jewelry store employee at the scrap silver store can do a more in depth test called a scratch test to make sure that the piece is fake, as well.

Fine silver, while much less common than sterling silver, is sometimes found today. Usually, fine silver is only used in tableware, but in rare situations it may be used to craft high-end jewelry pieces. This silver is almost 100 percent pure and has a unique silver luster that sets it apart from regular sterling silver visually. A scrap silver buyer can perform a scratch test to make sure the metal is pure.

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