What To Know About Auto Wrecking in Denver

Many people have a personal attachment with their old stuff. However, if your old car has been lying in the yard, it is high time you thought of disposing it and getting a bounty from it. Are you having problems locating a dealer to purchase your car? You can start by contracting the nearest Auto Wrecking Denver Company.

Why should you sell your car to a recycling firm?

You may have seen many folks in your neighborhood switch to newer vehicles. This is because new vehicles are more fuel efficient and easier to maintain compared to old vehicles. Your car will be recycled to provide spare parts and metal that can be used to manufacture new cars. The glass from the windscreen is mostly used to create tiles, jewelery and countertops. Therefore, when you sell your car for recycling, you will have helped save up to 10 gallons of oil that would have been used to manufacture new glass material.

Which parts of your car will be recycled?

The car recycling industry is the 16th largest in the United States with over 12 million cars being recycled annually. More than 90% of your car is recyclable. These includes; tires, batteries, steel and iron parts, rubber, seats, oil filters and the radiator among many others.
Which steps are followed when recycling a car?

1. Inspection – the car specialist will inspect the car to evaluate whether the car is more valuable and easier to repair than to recycle. If the car will be more valuable after repair than its current value, then the car is repaired and sold. Cars that have a low mileage and have very minimal damages qualify for repairs.
2. Dismantling Рmore than 90% of the car parts are recycled. Before recycling, they have to be drained  of fluids such as oil and brake fluids. Some of the fluids that are valuable are stored. They include gas and oil.
3. Resale of the dismantled auto parts – not all car parts are recycled. Some of them are reusable while others are sold for refurbishing.
4. Crushing and cutting the car – this is done to reduce the remaining body into a smaller size.

If you have auto recycling needs in Denver & Ft. Collins, Colorado, you can consult an Auto Wrecking Denver company. Visit Site for more information about the company.


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