What To Look For In A Local Moving Company

If you plan to make a move soon, make sure you choose the right company. Whether you are looking for a local moving company to remove your entire home from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach or your office from Boca Raton to Miami, you must be able to determine whether the company is credible or a scam artist.

Basic Requirements

Most moving companies today have a large online presence. Type in the right keywords – local moving company and Fort Lauderdale and see. You can easily whittle out the best from the rest by checking to see if they conform to certain basic criteria. Do not base your choice on what they say in an email or onsite. You need to talk to a representative of at least three companies directly in your home. You can then compare characteristics as well as their responses to any questions. Some basic you need to consider are:

* Experience: How long has the company been actively performing this service? The more years in business, the greater will be the level of experience, stab and validity.

* Licensing: Check the company site and the proper agencies to see if they are registered and licensed e.g. DOT and MC license numbers

* Insurance: What type of insurance does the company carry? What does it cover – look at it according to both loss and damage of your goods?

* Estimates: Is the company up-front about actual costs? Do they provide an estimate over the phone or using email? This is not sufficient. They need to make a personal visit. You need to talk to their agents directly and receive a written estimate.

Consider Professional Local Movers Only

When looking at local movers in Fort Lauderdale, do your research. Focus on fully qualified and licensed professionals. In the end, they are the only ones capable of providing the level of experience and expertise you will need to make your move a successful one.

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