What To Look For In A Mattress in Lafayette

Buying a new mattress is an exciting purchase. It will help you improve your quality, and in some cases quantity, of sleep, which will have a positive effect on your overall health. Before you head out the door to bring home your new mattress in Lafayette, there are some important things and tips to keep in mind.

Talk to your Doctor

If you regularly suffer from aches and pains, or if you have a pre-existing medical condition, speak with your doctor about what type of mattress in Lafayette may be ideal for you. While most physicians are not experts in the field of sleep, many will be able to give you advice about your specific condition or those specific aches, which in turn can help make a decision on which type of mattress to buy that much easier. If nothing else, your doctor or physical therapist, if you have one, can recommend whether you get a soft, medium, or firm mattress, and in some cases can recommend whether you go with coil, foam, or a coil with a foam topper.

Be Informed

No one expects the consumer to be an expert, but do your best to learn the lingo of the trade. This way when the sales representative or customer service representative asks you questions or offers you advice, you’ll be in a better position to answer with more confidence. This will also help you browse without the assistance of a sales representative when you initially arrive at the store, as understanding the information on the mattress tags can be invaluable when trying to figure out the best one to bring home.

Test the Mattress

The main reason to buy a mattress in Lafayette and not online is that you can test out the mattress before it arriving at your home. Numbers and statistics can help narrow down your choices in a wonderful way, but there is no truer test for whether or not a a mattress in Lafayette is right for you than simply sitting or lying down on it. Experts suggest spending at least ten minutes sitting and/or lying down on the mattress, to get a good feel for how comfortable it will be once you bring it home.

Go To A Mattress Store

Department stores are a decent option for people looking to buy a mattress in Lafayette, but there is no better place to shop than a store that specializes in sleep. Their staff are better trained in the area than those at department stores, and specialty stores often have a wider variety of brands available for purchase.

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