What to Look for When Buying a Used Motorcycle in Pittsburgh

The purchase of a motorcycle is always cause for excitement, but for those choosing to buy used it’s best to reign in the enthusiasm just enough to be sure that they are getting a good deal. Before looking into used motorcycles in Pittsburgh, be confident that it’s the right bike.

The safest choice when buying used is for customers to take their business to a reputable dealer. This can go a long way toward ensuring quality, and also provides buyers the opportunity to ask important questions and compare their options. Often used motorcycle dealerships offer some form of warranty, and some even offer financing options on pre-owned bikes. Even if private sellers are willing to sell for a lower price, it’s really not worth taking the risk on something going wrong as soon as the bike leaves their driveway and having no recourse.

When buying from a trusted dealer, carefully examining individual bikes is a little bit less important. But it’s still worth keeping an eye out for some common problems. Check the sprocket and the drive chain for signs of wear or looseness. Excessive wear on these parts can be a bad sign; replacing one part is no big deal, but it likely indicates that the previous owner did not keep up a regular maintenance schedule.

Check the tires as well, looking for signs of uneven wear. If they show more wear at the edge, it’s a good indicator that the previous owner may have used the motorcycle as a track bike. Racing can take a toll on other parts of the bike as well, so this indicates a need for more thorough inspection before purchase.

The easiest way to evaluate what kind of shape the fuel, brake fluid, and oil tanks are in is to take the motorcycle for a test ride and check for leaks upon return. This is a necessary step anyhow, as there’s no sense in purchasing a used bike that doesn’t handle like a new user wants it to. Ready to look into options? Check out Zmcycle.com for a well known and trusted source of Used Motorcycles in Pittsburgh and all the accessories, parts, and services needed to keep it on the road.

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