What to Look for When Considering Assisted Living Communities in Avon CT

If you have an elderly parent in Avon, CT who wants to maintain most of his or her independence, but needs some assistance with daily living activities, an assisted living community might be the ideal scenario. This residential option offers seniors assistance with things like daily meals, housekeeping, and medical needs. Knowing what to expect from an assisted living facility can help ease your mind, and convince you that it’s the best place for your loved one.

Licensing and Expertise
When looking at Assisted Living Communities in Avon CT, inquire about licensing. Licensing indicates that a facility is in compliance with local and state requirements. Another way to determine whether you’re dealing with a reputable facility is by checking its Better Business Bureau rating. If any complaints were filed against the assisted living facility, you can find them here. The nursing staff at the facility that you’re considering should also be licensed, and genuinely care for the residents.

Assisted Living Services
Assisted living residents have access to many services to ensure their health and wellness. Facilities, such as Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC, for instance, offer medication management, adult day care, exercise and fitness programs, and assistance with things like getting dressed, bathing, and walking. A good assisted living facility will have nurses and medical care available 24/7. If your loved one needs in-house visits by a doctor, psychiatrist, or podiatrists, the facility should be able to provide this. The facility should also be able to offer assistance if a resident suffers from dementia or needs routine wound care.

Assisted Living Activities and Amenities
When comparing Assisted Living Communities in Avon CT, consider the available amenities and activities. You want to make sure that your loved one will have plenty of social interaction and things to do. To promote social interaction, often assisted living facilities have community dining areas, scenic gardens and parks, outdoor sitting areas, and a television lounge. Community activities are also arranged to keep the residents active.

The ideal Avon assisted living community, is licensed and has a friendly staff that provides quality care community activities. The residents living at the facility should appear happy, and well taken care of. They should look like people that you can see your loved one interacting with. After thorough research, and a tour of the facility, your gut will most likely tell you whether the facility qualifies to be your loved ones new home.


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