What You Need to Know About a Freight Forwarding Company in Hawaii

Doing business worldwide is easy and fast. Consumers go online, find what they are looking for, pay for it and it gets delivered to their front door. They don’t see how the product they ordered got from where it started to their doorstep. That is where a Freight Forwarding Company in Hawaii, or wherever the product originates, comes in. A product is manufactured and packaged, and then needs to be distributed. How does it get to a home in California?

The internet has made it faster to shop and purchase, but the bottom line is that a product still must travel by air or by ocean to get where it needs to be. Often it also needs to be held in a warehouse for a time in order to be ready when needed. If you are shipping items around the world, you might need a Freight Forwarding Company in Hawaii, such as Landmark Logistics Corporation, to get your products to the mainland.

Using a freight forwarder is like hiring your own agent who is an expert in everything you need to know about moving products around the world. You will need someone to help you decide if you need the speed of air or the cost savings of ocean transport. You also need someone to help you wade through the paperwork, logistics and utilization of your shipments.

A good freight forwarder will be on your team to help you figure out what insurance you need, as well as guide you through risk management. You will have a subject matter expert on how best to pack your shipment, assist with customs documents if necessary, and even billing internationally. You may have containers that need to be shipped that are not full. An LTL (less than container load, sometimes referred to as LCL), can be optimized by combining with other shipments going to the same location. FCL (full container load) shipments can be brought by truck to a freight forwarder, or they can be picked up. Click here to learn more.

For any business owner who ships products, a freight forwarder can save you time, money and a lot of headaches. You will not have to experience starting from the beginning with learning how to get your product from point A to point B. You can focus your energies on doing what you do best!

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