What You Need to Know When Looking for Personal Injury Lawyers in Saint Paul

Whether you have been hurt on the job or suffered an injury due to medical negligence, it is imperative that you consult a personal injury attorney to understand what recourse you have under the jurisdiction of the law for compensation for your injuries.

If you live in Minnesota, finding the right personal injury lawyers in Saint Paul can be especially challenging. Knowing what to ask will determine whether a particular attorney is a good match for your needs. You must take the time to research each personal injury lawyer to determine if he or she has the qualifications and track record necessary for you to obtain the best settlement and the desired outcome.


Ask the lawyer you are interviewing how many years of experience he or she has in handling personal injury lawsuits. Any reputable firm should have verifiable documentation of jury awards and successful conclusions. Rutzicklawoffices.com, located in the St. Paul, MN area, has a proven track record for providing aggressive representation for personal injury lawsuits. You must also make sure that the firm you hire is licensed to practice in the state where you are filing the case.

Fee Structure

Most personal injury lawyers can be hired on contingency. This means that you are not required to pay to engage their services as their fees are only paid if you win your case. You don’t pay if you don’t win. Some firms may charge for certain expenses, such as expert witnesses or fees to file the suit. Inquire about the specifics of the fee structure before you sign any contracts for services. Visit website to know more about personal injury lawyers in Saint Paul.

You must find an attorney who has specific knowledge of the injury for which you are seeking compensation. Make sure that the personal injury lawyers you are interviewing have the experience required for evaluating cases and negotiating settlements, and have the courtroom presence necessary to fight the insurance companies for the justice you deserve.

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