What You Should Know About Egg Freezing In San Antonio TX

People who want to use egg freezing in San Antonio TX as a way to have babies need to know something about the technique. Understand that women are born with all the eggs that they will ever have. In fact, the number of eggs will drop as a woman ages. When a woman is in her mid-30s, she starts to lose even more eggs. This is one of the reasons why it can be harder for older women to have children. And, when they do, birth defects are more common.

There are more things that people have to know about reproduction and Egg Freezing in San Antonio TX. It’s understandable that some folks are concerned about the health of the babies produced from frozen eggs. In reality, the babies produced from frozen eggs are just as healthy as those who are produced from eggs that aren’t frozen. In the past, eggs were frozen over a course of hours. Since then, medical experts have learned that it’s best to freeze the eggs as quickly as possible. That gives them a better chance to use the eggs in the future. People who are interested in this technique can schedule an appointment by calling a place that specializes in fertility.

Those who want to use frozen eggs to conceive should understand their chances of success. Women who are older than 40 still have a one in four chance of conceiving by using frozen eggs. For women who are 35, the odds are increased to one in two. It’s important to note there are other factors besides age that can affect the chances of success. Overall health is very important. Women who want to conceive should make sure they are taking care of themselves. Regular exercise and a healthy diet aren’t going to hurt a person’s efforts to conceive. Unhealthy habits just need to be avoided while trying to conceive.

Some people just have problems having children. Fortunately, medical technology is constantly advancing and giving more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being parents. Those who want children and are having problems can consult different fertility clinics to see what their options are.

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