When a Standard Pallet in Fort Worth is Not Suitable

A few basic pallet designs and dimensions accommodate the majority of needs for warehouses, freight shipping, transport, and storage. Stringer pallets, for example, utilize two inch by four inch panels. Block pallets are made with individual blocks. Stringer pallets are more cost-effective. Most are made with wood, but some are made of plastic and metal, depending on the weight of the load and the location of the pallet. Wood is preferable because it cost less and is easy to repair. Materials are selected based on the weight of the items on the pallet.

A two-way pallet has forklift openings on two sides, and is solid on the remaining sides. A partial four-way pallet has the two forklift openings and smaller openings on the other ends. This version can be moved with a forklift, or a manual lift jack. The four-way pallets have forklift openings on all sides. This type provides the most flexibility. Storing pallets in warehouses can be done in different configurations. The forklift can access the pallet in confined spaces, and it is easier to place pallets around other items in the same space. The dimensions of a standard Pallet in Fort Worth are forty inches in length and forty-eight inches in width. Some are slightly smaller, but are standardized to shipping requirements.

A small warehouse, odd-shaped storage space, or an extremely heavy object is not suitable for standard pallets. Moving fragile machinery, multiple pieces, and delicate items can also be difficult with standard pallets. When a standard pallet in Fort Worth will not fill the need, custom pallets can be designed and constructed by experienced professionals. Small triangular pallets, for example, can be made to fit that odd-shaped storage perfectly. A half pallet can be fitted with borders or lips along the edges to stabilize a sculpture, a museum artifact, or the homemade nightstand on wheels. Pallets can be reinforced, extended, built to exact specifications, and designed to have compartments to store fragile components. Business owners, individuals, transport specialists, and logistics professionals can Visit the website for more information, to view examples of previously created pallets, to discover capacities, and learn of other offered services.

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