When Are Projection Weld Studs Useful In A Welding Project?

There are many different types of welding projects, and there are many different types of welding studs. One type that can be useful in a variety of welding projects is known as projection weld studs.


There are two main types of projection weld studs: Under Head (also known as On Top of the Head) and Ring Projection. The Under Head type provide a great deal of additional strength to the welding due to the larger welding area this type of stud provides. This type of stud is welded through a preexisting hole in the workpiece (whereas most welding studs don’t need to use a preexisting hole in the material they are being welded to). This type of stud is often used when appearance is vital, as the stud doesn’t go through the material, leaving the material perfectly intact.

Ring Projection weld studs utilize a 360-degree ring to keep out contamination and leaks. These studs are used all around the base of the workpiece so that oil, moisture, gas, dirt, dust, and other material doesn’t get in or out of the hole that is made. This type of stud is especially useful with cross-wire, perforated, and mesh materials.


Projection weld studs are commonly used in many different types of commercial and industrial projects, as they work well in heavy-duty applications. These studs can have a plated or bare metal finish.


The benefits of using these types of studs include the added strength that works well in heavy-duty applications. They are also good at keeping out foreign substances and leaks. These types of studs lend themselves well when a project calls for welding through or to a base material. As a result, if appearance is vital to a project, these studs can be welded to the material and leave it perfectly intact.

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