When is it time for Septic System Repairs in Troy OH

A modern convenience necessary for daily functioning, whether it be in the home or business, is a properly working septic system. Effectively removing waste water requires a system operating cleanly from within the main facility to its outside drainage point. From time to time, Septic System Repairs in Troy OH will be unavoidable. As soon as a failure in the septic system is detected, getting immediate attention can prevent long-term damage.

When Septic System Repairs in Troy OH are needed, it is usually because the drainage field is having a problem rather than the septic tank itself. For this reason, it is the outside drainage field, also known as a leach field, which shows the first signs of system failure.

Frequent signs of needed repair and their causes are listed below.

• Slowing draining showers or toilets/Waste water begins to pond over the drainage field – This problem can be due to the inlet or outlet on the septic tank being blocked by scum or sludge. It could also be because root systems of nearby trees have grown into or around drainage lines. Other possible causes could be a hydraulic overload of the system, high levels of groundwater, fine soils clogging the gravel, or field damage from over-sized vehicles or equipment.

• The excessive slope of the field’s surface – This problem can be created as the slope of an area changes. Anything from the activity of gophers, moles, and other rodents to fractured bedrock to a leach field being constructed in close proximity to a bank can account for changes in the field itself.

• Foul odors – If the foul odor exists outside over the drain field, sewage may have begun seeping to the surface due to broken pipes. It could also be a simple matter of the odors not dissipating naturally because of outside weather conditions.

Whatever the sign may be, getting the necessary repairs is vital to maintaining the life and functionality of the system itself. Repairs by Wiley Well Drilling can range from making sure the tank is pumped routinely, to having roots removed professionally, to replacing the entire drainage field. Seeking a professional assessment will ensure the problem is remedied effectively.

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