When Security is Important for Entrance Doors

For many people, having a beautiful, welcoming front door is an important part of the home renovation or new home construction considerations. For just as many people, security is also a concern. The good news is that there are a lot of different styles and designs of entrance doors that offer both.

When looking for stylish, elegant, classic, or completely modern designs in entrance doors that also provide security, there are several basic issues to keep in mind. With just a bit of online browsing you can find a door that will meet all of your needs with regards to being highly secure, yet also a beautifully designed door to enhance the look of your home.

Solid Doors and Lites

Solid doors, or doors without large lights or windows, are often seen as the most security minded type of entrance doors. This is not always the case, as wrought iron features or even caming can be used within the design to create glass areas that are secure.

Solid doors are often made out of mahogany or alder, with knotty alder offering a unique look within the wood itself. Mahogany has the finer, more ribbon-like grain that is very rich and luxurious and matches very well with moderate-to-dark stain colors. Knotty alder is more of a golden color that is a good match with natural stains to mid-range colors, although they can also be stained darker.

These woods are excellent for entrance doors because they will last a lifetime and they give a very distinctive look to the home. The solid mahogany and knotty alder doors can also be designed to meet specific state building codes for wind and pressure tested doors to be resistant in hurricane conditions.

Locking Systems

The security of any entrance door is only as good as its locking system. Top companies offer a different range of locking options, with a 3-point locking system providing the optimum security.

These systems look just like a traditional lock to anyone examining the doors, but when engaged, there are actually three different locks that hold the door securely, not just the traditional lock from the main handle.

Any multi-point locking system should be easy to use, without complicated multiple points to set or unlock the system. The added benefit to your entrance doors is that the door will be held securely in place when the lock is set, helping to hold the door secure even in wind and storm conditions.

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