When Should I Take My Pet To The Vets?

If you and your family members see your doctor at least once a year as an important component of maintaining good health, then doesn’t it stand to reason that the same guidelines should apply to your pet? Knowing when and why you should schedule a trip to the Chicago vets should not be confusing; perhaps the following guidelines will be of some help.

Young pets; kittens and puppies:

If you have just recently brought a new kitten or puppy into your home no doubt you and the kids will be super excited, can’t wait to go out and buy toys, treats, a new collar etc. This is all part of the joy of a new member of your “family” but don’t neglect proper health care. By starting to take them to your Chicago vets from the beginning you will set them up for excellent health throughout their time with you.

A vet always recommends that you take your new pet in for a wellness check as soon as you can after you bring it into your home. At this time the vet will be looking for any health problems as well as evidence of parasites such as fleas or ticks.

Wellness checkups:

Once your pet reaches adulthood you should plan on taking him or her to the vets at least once a year. Just like you, your pet needs an annual checkup. The vet will check for heart worms, parasites in the intestinal track and give the animal any vaccinations that are due. This is the time to have your pets teeth cleaned as well. Periodontal disease is just as much a problem for your pet as it is for you.

When you bring a pet into your life you can expect a lifetime of enjoyment, but to ensure you and your pet enjoy every minute of your relationship it must stay healthy.

If you have just got a new pet you will be looking for reliable Chicago vets to care for its health. You are invited to visit Metropolitan Veterinary Center; complimentary parking and open from 7am to 10 pm every day.

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