When Spouses Disagree About Installation of Central AC Units in Gainesville FL

People who live in northern climates probably can’t believe that many Florida residents still don’t have central air conditioning or even more than one small window air conditioner. Sometimes it’s a case of a young couple getting married, buying a house that doesn’t have central air, and having a disagreement about whether to get this appliance installed. Central AC Units in Gainesville FL obviously are not free, although financing typically is available for homeowners who don’t have the money in savings. How can one spouse convince the other that central air conditioning is an excellent idea?

One primary consideration would be whether either of the spouses has trouble sleeping during hot weather. Fans don’t always keep people cool enough to get sound, restful sleep when the bedroom’s temperature is in the 80s or even hotter. Research has shown that humans sleep best when temperatures are below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In Florida, where temperatures often don’t get down to that level overnight during the summertime, this makes for uncomfortable sleeping weather. In fact, sleep experts advise insomniacs to sleep in a cool environment, preferably one between 60 and 67 degrees. It’s unlikely that this couple will turn the thermostat as low as 60 or even 67 degrees, but they might agree to keep it at 73 or 74 during sleeping time. They can experiment with the temperature and learn the point at which they both can agree on comfort.

Disrupted sleep isn’t just an inconvenience. It can cause drowsiness and even falling asleep at work, making the employee less effective on the job and resulting in reprimands from the supervisor. Drowsiness at work can cause errors, slow performance and poor decision making. An employee who has to operate machinery or heavy equipment cannot be sleepy on the job, as this is hazardous. Lack of sleep is a common factor in vehicle accidents as well.

If sleep is being negatively affected by hot weather, a spouse can use this factor in discussions with his or her partner about considering central AC Units in Gainesville FL. They at least can learn the price of installation from a company such as Charles Berg Enterprises and find out about financing options.


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