When to call for an HVAC pro

There are few things in any home that have as much impact on your comfort as does the heating and cooling system. Most homeowners have a tendency to ignore or forget about the HVAC system in their home unless it fails in the middle of winter or the middle of summer. This is wrong, when you neglect your system this will end up costing more in the long run with unnecessary and excessive heating and air repair in Columbia SC. A lot depends on exactly where you live but clogged filters, soot filled flues, leaking distribution ducts, unattended fan motors and thermostats can cut the efficiency of your heating and cooling system easily by 25 percent. Some maintenance tasks are simple and can be carried out by the homeowner while others are more complex and require the services of an HVAC technician. You will also need a pro if your system has reached the end of the line and needs replacing.

The amount of routine maintenance that a system requires very much depends on the system itself. Some equipment such as a heat pump require no more than an annual inspection, the technician will check the belts and filters and replace them if needed. A forced air furnace that uses gas as its fuel is also almost trouble free. During the heating season the filter should be cleaned or replaced every couple of months. If the heat exchanger needs attention then a professional that does heating and air repair in Columbia SC will be needed, the same is true for burner service. An oil fired system requires more maintenance, the flue needs to be cleaned, the fuel filter will need replacing and the jets will need adjusting.

Air conditioners are a little less demanding when it comes to maintenance and repair. The filters should be replaced or cleaned at both the beginning and end of the season and the motor should be lubricated. Anything other than this should be attended to by a professional technician, there is a very good chance that other problems will have something to do with the refrigerant level.

It is always a good idea to get your heating and air repair in Columbia SC out of the way well ahead of the heating or cooling season. During the season the technicians are in demand, if you arrange service and repair early you will find that it is easier to schedule the work to fit in with your needs.

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