When To Hire A Construction Company In Wisconsin

The question of who to hire to complete commercial general contracting and construction services is important. Getting the right commercial contract management company in place will ensure the project is on the budget, on schedule and well managed.

However, when to bring a construction company on board is a bit more of a murky question to answer for most Wisconsin property or business owners. In reality, most owners wait too long to find a top commercial general contractor and construction company, which may result in some losses that hadn’t been considered.

The Timing

The time to bring in the construction company is really dependent on the type of company you are hiring. For a basic construction service provider or general contractor, they should at least be in place a few months before the proposed start date of the construction. This allows the company time to find subcontractors, develop a project plan and assist in pre-project organization.

If you are hiring a full-service construction company, the company needs to be in place in the pre-construction stage. This is ideally before the architect is involved and even before the property is selected or any major decisions are made.

This allows the experts to provide information, options, and suggestions that can have a very big impact on the project. They can often suggest materials or design feature that can save significantly on the budget; then the architect can work together with the construction service professionals to bring those concepts into the project.

Additionally, with the construction service in place in at this point, regulations, permits, engineering services, green building options and even procurement of materials can all be done to your advantage. This also gives the team time to work with suppliers in Wisconsin to arrange Just-in-Time delivery of materials throughout the project or advance order materials with long lead times.

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