When to Use FC-AE-ASM

In the world of avionics, FC-AE-ASM is a common upper layer protocol. It is used to achieve both audio and visual functionality across a fibre channel. Commands can also be transmitted through FC-AE-ASM.

The most common platform using FC-AE-ASM is avionics. However, it is also used in military applications. Fibre cable connects a set of instruments, devices, protocols and command centers allowing them all to communicate with one another. The FC-AE-ASM protocol is used to data, commands and audio/visual distribution in the aerospace, avionics and military industries. For example, this is how each device in an airplane, such as the controls and electricity, talk to each other to make everything function automatically.

The FC-AE-ASM protocol is used in important industries such as avionics because it is extremely reliable. Highly technical industries require efficiency, fault tolerance and dependability like no other. Only the best systems are put in place for avionics and military applications.

Making Repairs
If you feel that your fibre optic channel or upper layer protocol is not working properly, stop use and contact a service technician immediately. These systems work together to keep everyone safe and the system’s environment controlled. Have a certified technician check the entire system for any problems.

If the issue is determined, make sure a qualified service person makes the repair. In many cases, it is best to contact the original manufacturer for repairs or replacement parts. However, a professional distributor should also have replacement parts and service people to correct any problems that may arise. Many times, the problem stems from improper installation rather than faulty parts so be sure to use a trusted installer.

Purchasing a New System
The manufacturer may be able to supply you with a full system but another option is to go to a trusted distributer for a new system for first-time use. Only trust an experienced company to supply you with the best line of products, manuals and service technicians. Representatives from these companies will be able to answer your questions about the products and their proper use. Optimal systems contribute to the overall function of things such as commercial airplanes and even military rockets.

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