When You Need Drain Field Repair in Sorrento FL

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Septic Tanks

A septic system is a common method for removing waste water from the home. It exits the home and enters a septic tank where solid waste and oils are separated out. The remaining waste water flows into a drain field. The field commonly consists of trenches, perforated pipes, and porous material. It is then covered with top soil to prevent runoff. The waste water exits out of the perforated pipes throughout the trenches. The water then seeps through the porous material where microbes eat away the waste in the water. However, these systems are designed to handle a certain amount of waste water at a time. If it exceeds that amount, or other issues occur, then, Drain Field Repair in Sorrento FL is necessary.

Septic systems are designed to treat a specific amount of waste in a certain time period. Too much waste can be too much for the microorganisms to treat properly. In addition, household cleaners and medications can kill off these important microorganisms. This can lead to serious issues with a septic system. It is important to notice signs of problems with the drain field. This can help to identify a problem quicker and prevent serious issues. One common sign of a problem is a smell outside of the home, especially over the drain field area. Slow or sluggish draining from the home could be a sign of a backup in the system. Wet areas over the drain field are another sign to look for. At the first sign of a problem, it is important to seek help with Drain Field Repair in Sorrento FL.

There are many companies, such as Shelley’s Septic Tanks, that can offer help with problems in a septic system. The professional staff can quickly identify the problem and establish a plan for repair. If a new system is needed, they can assist with finding a system that suits the needs of the household. In addition, they can implement green solutions to ensure a better environment. This includes recycling septic tanks and parts, providing biosolids, and provide fertilizer for farms. To find out about all they offer and other green solutions, you can click here to get more info.

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