5 Indicators It’s Time For Septic Pump Outs in Oviedo, Florida

Some homes, especially those in rural areas, aren’t connected to a sewer system. Rather, they use septic systems to hold and treat household waste. While installation can be expensive, these systems can provide years of reliable service when properly maintained and occasionally emptied. Below are several signs that it may be time to call for Septic Pump Outs in Oviedo Florida.

Accumulated Water

The first sign of the need for pumping is accumulated water. It can happen in various places, but homeowners should pay attention to the area over and around the drain field. When a septic system works properly, wastewater stays underground. However, when it’s clogged, the water rises to the surface of the drain field. If water collects in this area, it may be time to schedule service.

A Foul Odor

In many cases, homeowners can use their noses to tell when it’s time to pump the septic tank. Wastewater includes all that goes down the drain, whether it’s the sink, bathtub, washer, or toilet. A home’s septic system holds solid and liquid waste, and as the tank becomes full, it can emit a foul odor. If the air outside smells bad, especially near the drain field or septic tank, it’s time to make the call.

Slow Drains

When the home’s drains slow down it’s not only inconvenient; it indicates that it may be time for Septic Pump Outs in Oviedo Florida. When commercial drain cleaners and toilet plungers no longer help, the septic tank may be full. Call today to schedule a clean-out.


No one wants it, but a too-full septic tank can cause black, smelly sewage to back up into the home. Along with pooling water, foul smells, and slow drains, backups are another sign the septic system needs service.

Lawn Health

When the home’s septic system functions normally, the grass over the drain field will look the same as the rest of the lawn. However, if this patch of grass is substantially greener and lusher than the remaining grass, it may be time to clean out the septic tank. When this issue arises, it means there’s too much liquid rising out of the system and that failure is imminent.

Proper maintenance ensures a septic system’s long lifespan, protects the drain field, and prevents groundwater contamination. Instead of running these risks, homeowners should be aware of the above signs and visit website for service when necessary.

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