Septic Tank Inspection Services Near Magnolia Is Part of an All-Around Maintenance Strategy

Scheduling Septic Tank Inspection Services Near Magnolia as advised by the county or service technicians is important for keeping the system running smoothly and identifying potential problems early on. Property owners also can use effective strategies throughout the year to keep the equipment in good working order. Visit to learn about one particular septic system servicing company.

Inspection and Pumping

After excavating if necessary, technicians from a company such as Texas Pride Septic start by opening the tank lid and determining whether any obvious problems need to be addressed. For instance, if they see a pile of waterlogged tampons floating on the top, they may mention to the owners that flushing sanitary products is not recommended. The techs then pump the tank and thoroughly evaluate the interior as well as the pipes connecting to the house and heading to the drain field.

Strategies for Property Owners

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals can kill friendly bacteria that are essential for breaking down solids in the tank. Adding a little bleach to laundry now and then is acceptable, but the household residents should avoid trying to clear clogged drains with harsh chemicals or pour ammonia-based cleaning solutions into drains or toilets.

What Not to Flush

In addition to feminine hygiene products, septic tanks are not intended to handle other items that don’t degrade quickly. Dental floss, paper towels and sanitary wipes should go in the trash.

Adjusting Water Usage

Septic tanks usually are sized for the expected use of the household. Technicians providing Septic Tank Inspection Services Near Magnolia can verify whether the original system is still completely appropriate for the number of current residents or whether some household behavior should be modified.

If the place originally was home to a retired couple that spent much of their time traveling in an RV, they may have chosen a relatively small tank. If a family of four or five has now moved into the home, they may need to pay more attention to their water usage to avoid overloading the tank. For instance, it may be better to distribute laundry loads over a few days or a week’s time instead of doing the entire family’s wash on Saturday.

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