Great Uses for Carpet Remnants

A common misconception regarding remnants is that they are defective somehow, are in less than excellent condition, or are all small odd-shaped pieces of carpet. That is simply not true. Remnants are just pieces of carpet left after a standard, or custom, size has been cut off the roll of carpet. Some may be smaller, but others can be quite large, and may be perfect for a porch, a landing, or a small room. Because the carpet is not a common size, stores do not always place them on a sales floor.

Customers may have to ask about carpet remnants, but should not hesitate to do so because there are many great uses for them. It is also a way to get high-quality carpet at a substantial discount. Most stores throw put their remnants so they will sell them for much less than the original price. Those interested can go to  for information on carpeting, area rugs, remnants, and vinyl flooring.

Remnants can be used as a throw, or area rugs in any room of the home. They can be used under furniture, for example, to prevent permanent indentations in the main carpeting. They can be used to protect any type of flooring in high traffic areas, like entryways, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. They are easy to clean, can be changed often to give the room a new look, and are extremely cost-effective. Other uses include alcoves, patio steps, garages, porches, and inside hall closets to catch dirt and moisture from shoes, boots, and umbrellas.

Small pieces of carpet are essential for pet owners. A remnant is perfect to place under food and water dishes to keep spills and messes contained. They are also useful to place under a pet bed, or in the back of a station wagon or SUV for traveling with furry members of the family. When that piece of carpet gets dirty or filed with pet hair, just take it outside and hose it down or vacuum it and put it back, When it is beyond cleaning, replace it with another remnant. Placing remnants under plants, hanging them on the walls as decor or using them to cover window seats are also creative uses for them. You can also like them on Facebook.

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