Where Can I Find Technical Specifications for Commercial Roofing?

One of roofing contractors most valuable assets as well as greatest enemies is the standard and regulation practices that go into their business. They need to maintain safety protocols as well as other details in the process of building a commercial roof. This becomes a pivotal field and obstacle that new roofing contractors need to navigate as they explore their new business.

Many new roofing contractors may ask the question, Where Can I Find Technical Specifications for Commercial Roofing? These technical details can be hard to find, but a few resources provide standard regulations and specific outlines to properly commit to a commercial project.

The official OSHA website is the go to source for obtaining these technical specifications. Most of the specifications revolve around safety protocols and designs in measurements. Below are just a select few articles that highlight the importance of safety and the legal liability a roofing contractor may face if ignored.

Leading Edges

The official website says, Each employee who is constructing a leading edge 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by guardrail systems. These guardrail systems provide protective barrier so employees are not falling. All of OSHA’s responsibility specifications are essential, but this one potentially provides the biggest backlash if broken.

Fall Arrest Systems

The official website also highlights the details of the fall arrest systems. These are designed to protect the employees from falling through various holes in the roof. They must be protected from falling if the height is over 6 feet. Reinforcing steel and covers must be applied to ensure that the safety protocol is met. The site also mentions that positioning device systems and safety nets should also be used to ensure proper standards. This applies for ramps and runways as well, as long as they are 6 feet off the ground at some point.

So finally, the question of Where Can I Find Technical Specifications for Commercial Roofing? should be answered. OSHA provide standard protocol details as well as some of the more technical aspects to make sure a project is being done both legally and logically. Click here for further details.

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