Which Sprinkler System in Kihei is Best for Your Lawn or Garden?

If you own a home in Kihei, chances are you’ll need an efficient irrigation system for your lawn, landscaping or garden. However, it can be difficult to choose the irrigation system that best suits your needs. Is a drip irrigation system best for your large lawn? Would a rotary sprinkler system waste less water? What’s the safest Sprinkler System in Kihei if you have children or pets using your yard? Below are some of the most popular types of irrigation and sprinkler systems and their advantages and disadvantages.

Rotary Sprinklers

Rotary systems are likely what comes to mind when you think of traditional sprinkler systems. With this system, a spray head rotates in a complete circle and delivers water to a 50 to 100 foot diameter of lawn or landscape.


* Relatively inexpensive

* Easy to install

* Great for smaller lawns or landscaped areas


* Needs regular maintenance to function properly

* Sprinkler heads may stick or become damaged

* Needs high water pressure to work well

Pop-Up Sprinkler Systems

Also called spray irrigation systems, pop-up sprinklers are placed underground strategically to evenly water your entire lawn. Because they are above ground only when in use, they’re a great choice for families who are concerned about child or pet-related damage or accidents.


* Neat, hidden appearance is great for manicured lawns

* Works well even with low water pressure

* Spray distance and watering times are fully adjustable


* Imprecise watering can lead to water waste and soggy lawns

* Heads may clog from hard water or mineral deposits

Drip Irrigation Systems

If you have a large lawn with shrubbery, trees or gardens, a drip irrigation system may work best for you. These systems deliver water right to the roots of the plants through a system of tubing. Depending on the type of system you choose, drip irrigation can either work above ground or underground.


Gets water directly where plants need it

Doesn’t waste much water

Best option for gardens, shrubs and ground-cover


Not an ideal choice for lawns

May be harder to incorporate on hilly or uneven land

Tubing can clog, freeze or become damaged easily

No matter what kind of lawn or garden you have, there is a Sprinkler System in Kihei to fit your needs. Talk to your local landscaping specialist if you need help deciding whether a rotary, pop-up or drip irrigation system would be best for your home.

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