Why ATV Sales Are Skyrocketing

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, have become the favourite transportation for millions of outdoor lovers. The small vehicles usually have three or four low-pressure tires and are driven off-road. They are not designed to operate on streets but are an ideal way to travel through rugged hills, wooded areas, and fields. ATV Sales have skyrocketed as fans discover that the easy-to-buy vehicles are a great way to improve health while having fun.

Dealers Make It Easy to Buy Quality Products
Businesses such as Tuttle Motor Hardware have enjoyed increased ATV Sales because they offer a variety of products, simple financing, and online catalogs at sites like us. Clients can choose from new or used products made by quality manufacturers like Polaris. Established businesses usually offer both pre-owned and new models. They are often parts dealers that can provide replacement tires, windshields, and bumpers. In fact, company websites typically include parts finder sections that make shopping simple. Most dealers also provide financing plans to fit a variety of budgets.

ATV Riding Can Improve Health
Studies done by York University Faculty of Health show that riding ATV’s has health benefits. Users can increase their strength since riding the vehicles requires pretty serious effort. Riders’ oxygen levels have been shown to increase by as much as 600%. The activity also helps the heart and muscles, since they are taxed during rides. The average ride lasts between 2-3 hours, which is more than enough to give the upper body and arms a workout. Riders also reported feeling an emotional high that increased their sense of well-being and reduced stress.

Riding Offers Social Benefits
Many customers buy ATV’s in order to get away from the “screens” that keep them indoors and alone. Instead of watching TV, playing on computers, or constantly checking cell phones, they join friends or family for outdoor activities. Many feel that the sport increases their quality of life and can help build relationships.

Small, affordable ATV’s are becoming popular as more quality dealers make them easy to buy. In addition, riding them is strenuous enough to provide full workouts. Users often find that riding the off-road vehicles improves their lifestyles, especially when it is a group activity.

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