Why Choose Invisalign over Metal Braces, Find a Dentist in South Loop

Misaligned or crooked teeth are a common issue with many adults. It likely started when you were a child and your parents were told you needed braces. Regardless of the reason you didn’t get them, you now think you’re stuck with crooked teeth for the rest of your life. However, South Loop residents don’t have to worry. Even if you don’t want to have metal on your teeth, a nearly-invisible option is available. Invisalign is a system that uses customized mouth trays that slowly and safely move your teeth to the appropriate position.

No Metal Mouth

Metal braces, while extremely effective, aren’t for everyone. Many adults don’t want to deal with the metal and unattractiveness they cause. Metal versions can also catch food particles easily, and you’re likely to have to stop eating some of your favorite foods. With clear braces, you don’t have to worry about either issue. They can’t be seen from afar, and even people up close have a hard time seeing them.

Along with such, you can remove them to eat, so you don’t have to worry about getting something caught in the metal. Plus, they’re also removed while sleeping, which can be a little more comfortable and easier on the mouth.


When you’ve got metal chunks on the teeth and wires connecting them, you’re bound to end up poked a few times. Along with such, metal can react with the teeth incorrectly, which can cause more decay and change the color of the teeth. With clear braces or aligners, you don’t have to worry about getting poked by metal.

Invisalign is an excellent choice for those who need braces but don’t want the appearance of metal inside the mouth. Visit South & West Loop Dental in South Loop at https://www.swloopdental.com to learn more. Follow us on google+.

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