Why Cremation Is Part of Many Funerals in Escondido, CA

In 1958 only four percent of Americans chose cremation, but the practice gained favor over time and is now much more widely accepted. In fact, the Cremation Association of North America predicts that, by 2018, more than half of U.S. citizens will choose cremation. Many funerals in Escondido CA include cremation because it is budget friendly. Religious attitudes and ecological worries have also helped drive the trend.

Cremation Is Kinder to the Earth Than Burial

Eco-friendly residents often choose cremation to preserve land. For many decades, funerals in Escondido CA typically included formal burials. That not only meant families had to buy burial plots, but churches, cities, and states needed to set aside land for cemeteries. Today, many cemeteries are huge and often use up prime land. Earth-friendly residents also opt for cremation to avoid burying grave liners, caskets, and embalming fluid, which can all break down and effect soil and water supplies.

Flexible Belief Systems Allow Cremation

Cremation has also become more common because a lot of religions have relaxed restrictions against it. For instance, until 1963, the Catholic Church did not allow cremation but now finds it acceptable. Some faiths are even building columbariums that include urn storage and areas where church members can sit and visit. In addition, millions of Americans without formal religious beliefs often consider cremation a simple, dignified option.

Low Cost Cremations Can Be Elegant

In a time when a traditional funeral can cost well over $10,000, many families now opt for under-$1,000 cremations. It is now simple to make arrangements online. Providers offer basic packages for as little as $700. Customers can pay for additional options, like upgraded urns, which can affect the price. However, even the simplest arrangements include collecting and cremating the body and then returning the ashes to clients. Some families choose to display decorative urns at church services and then keep them or have cremains formally interred. It also common for relatives and friends to gather for celebration of life services where ashes are scattered.

Cremation is fast becoming the most popular choice for funerals. That is partly because of changing belief systems and cremation’s low cost. It is also more eco-friendly than traditional burial.

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