Why Equine Therapy Makes Blackberry Ridge the Best Drug Treatment Center in Lynchburg Virginia

One of the Best Drug Treatment Center In Lynchburg Virginia is Blackberry Ridge thank to it’s unique equine therapy. Patients work with horses in different ways with the help of a mental health professional and a horse professional. Here are some of the benefits of equine therapy for patients.

The Mirror

Horses have emotions much like humans. They react to fear, anger, and happiness. Patients face the horses knowing that the horse will react based on the patient’s emotions. The horse is, in a sense, a mirror reflecting back at the patients their bad and good emotions. The patient must learn to curb those emotions so that the horse feels calm as well. In turn, the patient realizes this is the same for human companions.

Face Fears

Facing that large horse seems intimidating. It’s large and can be dangerous, but only because the horse senses emotions. The patients have to face their fears and face the horse. It’s all a metaphor or facing fears in life, but the patients start small by facing a giant horse. The mental health professional will then use the lesson to help the patients deal with fears in everyday life, such as the fear of living without drugs.

Get Outside

Equine therapy takes place outdoors when the shine is shining and the scenery is beautiful. Scientists have shown that being outdoors is good for the body and mind. Patients get to spend time outside with majestic animals. It’s an instant feel-good situation that will help patients feel better mentally and make them ready to face the harder sides of recovery.

Get Exercise

It’s always good to get a little exercise because of all the health benefits. So, hanging outside with horses and doing some physical labour will benefit patients’ health as a bonus. It also helps that feeling healthy physically helps patients feel better emotionally. A little bit of exercise also boosts energy and helps patients feel invigorated and ready for challenges ahead.

The reason why Blackberry Ridge is the Best Drug Treatment Center In Lynchburg Virginia is because of the horses. Equine therapy gets patients outside and into a life-changing experience with majestic creatures.

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