Why Homeowners Use Professional Bed Bug Extermination in Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma is just one of many U.S. cities that has seen an alarming spread in the bed bug population in recent years. Since the insects are very hard to get rid of, pest control companies like American Services now offer advanced methods of Bed Bug Extermination in Tulsa OK. Technicians can quickly identify and remove the insects. They also educate customers so that they can avoid or quickly treat future infestations.

Bed Bug Problems Were Once Nearly Gone

Although bed bugs were common in early America, they eventually began to disappear. That was primarily due to the use of insecticides like DDT, which was eventually banned. At the same time, International travel became more accessible to the masses. Americans traveling abroad had little experience with the insects, so they began to import them in luggage without knowing it. Unfortunately, the tiny bugs use almost anything for food and multiply quickly. It wasn’t long before they became common again, especially in multifamily buildings.

Old Fashioned Removal Methods Are Destructive

A hundred years ago any housewife could have provided instructions for Bed Bug Extermination in Tulsa OK. They would have suggested burning all bedding, throwing out affected furniture and scrubbing every room in the house at least twice. Since heat can destroy the bugs, they might have also suggested leaving bedding, clothing and other salvageable items out in the hot sun for days. Many people still use those methods, often substituting dryer heat for the sun. These techniques can work, but are exhausting and usually need to be repeated. They also don’t help in apartments and condos, which allow insects to travel easily from home to home.

Technicians Offer Efficient Solutions

Although modern technicians may still not be able to save every item affected by bed bugs, their solutions are huge improvements over traditional methods. As a result, many homeowners Visit American Services Inc online to get fast help. Experts quickly find all bugs and then use a combination of treatment methods, including heat and pesticides. They also guarantee results and will educate customers, to help them avoid repeat problems.

Although bed bugs were once almost unheard of in the U.S., they are back again and multiplying quickly. There are many traditional methods to get rid of the insects, but most are destructive. Fortunately, exterminators have developed efficient methods of locating and removing bed bugs, and they guarantee their work.

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