Why New Homes Are the Best Option for Most Buyers

Home buyers have to make a very important decision about whether they should purchase an inexpensive older home or have a new house built. Some people have a definite preference for one or the other and do not need to debate the issue. Everyone else needs to think about it carefully. A project house may be the less expensive option initially, but there are reasons why New Homes may still be the thriftier solution.

Check the Plumbing

Many buyers inspect the plumbing in the kitchen, bathrooms and the basement during their home tours. If there are no leaks and no obvious water damage they believe the plumbing is acceptable. Unfortunately, the plumbing lines may still need to be replaced even if they have never leaked. Lead and other contaminants can seep into the water from the old pipes and worn out sewer lines clog easily and are constantly a risk for sewer backups.

Inspect the Paint

It is not only the color of the paint people should inspect. Lead paint is a serious concern because removing it safely is expensive and time-consuming. Covering it with another coat of paint is not an adequate solution especially in homes with young children.

Consider Utility Costs

New windows and doors help to improve energy efficiency, but they cannot guarantee low heating and cooling bills if the rest of the house is leaking. Poorly insulated walls and attics and gaps in floors and elsewhere in the house make it impossible for the home to be energy efficient. Filling gaps, making repairs and fully insulating the home will quickly reduce the amount of money people thought they were saving by purchasing an older house.

New Homes give buyers the floor plan, size and style of home they prefer. They also give them a new garage, a freshly landscaped lawn and many come with warranties on the construction, appliances and other equipment. Having exactly what is wanted inside and out is what makes Lancia Homes so appealing to so many buyers. There will always be those that prefer the effort of renovating and remodeling, but most will appreciate using their free time to actually enjoy their home. You can follow them on Pinterest.

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