Why Residents Are Eager to Recycle Scrap Metal in Hartford, CT

Each year about 150 million tons of metal is recycled in the U.S and cities like East Hartford, Ct. are at the forefront of the trend. By choosing to recycle Scrap Metal Hartford CT citizens help the American economy and the earth. In return companies like Calamari, Recycling Co Inc helps thousands of commercial and residential customers turn debris into hard cash.

Recycling Metal Can Be Profitable

It is common for many businesses to work with metal recycling experts in order to manage debris and get paid in the process. For instance, when construction companies are beginning jobs they often order roll off containers from recycling specialists. Technicians deliver and pick up the dumpsters and can often reclaim much of it for recycling. Scrap recycling companies pay very well for much of the scrap. That is especially true of materials like carbide, brass, and copper. When manufacturers need to remove Scrap Metal in Hartford CT specialists will provide yard lugger containers, dump trucks, and heavy machinery. Selling scrap metal allows these industrial clients to maintain safe, orderly workplaces and convert debris into cash.

Recycling Is Good for the U.S. Economy

Scrap metal recycling boosts the U.S. economy by increasing exports and creating employment. When metal is recycled it often becomes the feedstock that is used to manufacture new products. Much of it becomes part of vehicle hoods, doors, and panels that are shipped all over the globe. In fact, around 25% of the materials used in these items are made with recycled materials. The U.S. also exports tons of other scrap metals, like plumbing copper. It is estimated that scrap metal generates, as much as $86 billion annually and was directly responsible for more than 150,000 jobs in 2015 alone.

Recycling Is Helping Save the Planet

Clients who want to conserve natural resources also arrange to recycle scrap metal, often at sites like calamarirecycling.com. Manufacturing products with recycled material eliminates, the need for ore, and reduces, energy consumption. Using scrap aluminum uses 92% less energy, copper 90%, and steel 56% percent. Working with recycled materials also helps save water.

East Hartford, Connecticut residents, recycle scrap metal in order to save natural resources and contribute to the U.S. economy. In the process they also make money, since scrap metal recycling companies pay well for many materials. Visit the website for more information.

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