Why You Can’t Just Toss Wildlife Off Your Property

When wildlife enter and consider staying within the confines of your property, you have to consider federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, before taking action. The experts in animal control in Loudoun County can help explain what you’re allowed to do and what the law prevents because some wildlife is protected as an endangered species and wildlife must be removed in a humane and lawful way.

What the Law Allows

There is good news within the law. The homeowner, or person in charge of the property, can take steps to ensure that animals who are sick or diseased are removed from your property or yard. This must be completed in a humane and lawful manner which almost certainly means that you must contact your local professional experts in animal control in Loudoun County.

You are also allowed to have the animals, wildlife, removed from your property, when they pose a threat to children and adults and farm animals or when there is a potential danger to the safety of your pets.

Farmers are allowed a different level of protection under the law because they must defend the safety of their poultry, potentially beehives, any livestock, crops, as well as vegetables and fruit trees within their farmland.

Should any animals removed by your local animal control in Loudoun County be listed by the Game Commission, that authority will take control of those specific wildlife and big game birds.

Some home owners will choose to try and frighten the animals away from their property. Simple methods may be allowed, but where you caused harm or distress to the wildlife, you may be stepping over onto the wrong side of the law. You will need to speak to your wildlife control experts to find out what methods of frightening animals away are allowed within your area as it may not be acceptable to use detonators to scare birds or other wildlife from your property.

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