Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

A slip and fall accident can put you in the hospital for months and result in multiple health complications and problems. Here are several reasons why you should seek out the assistance of a slip and fall attorney if you find yourself in this situation:

You have a fracture

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) says about 8 million people go to the ER because of fall-related injuries and that about 5 percent of all people who fall suffer from fractures, which are serious enough to lead to fatal results. If you have serious injuries sustained from the accident, you are well within your rights to file for a claim.

You have sky-high bills

Tests, medication and treatment can take a chunk out of your savings. If you weren’t at fault—the floor was slippery, there weren’t any clear warnings or indications—you could file for a claim and have the proceeds of the case cover your medical bills and treatment costs.

You want maximum compensation

Without any proper legal background, you won’t know what types of damages you qualify for. With a skilled and experienced lawyer who’s had years of experience in the field, you can receive the maximum amount of compensation that’s entitled to you by right and law. And in case the other party makes a settlement offer, your lawyer can review the contract and advise on whether it’s a good deal or not. That way, you won’t get taken in by low-ball offers that won’t be enough to cover your bills and expenses.

Your claim was denied

If you filed for a claim on your own and the other party denied any liability, then engaging the services of a slip and fall attorney is the best course of action you can take. This evens the playing field and ensures you have someone to look out for your best interests.

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