Why You Should Have Your Gutters Cleaned

Gutters are out-of-sight, out-of-mind most of the time, but they should be on your mind. Gutters prove an essential function of directing water properly away from your home to avoid damage. Keeping them clean is vital, but it can be a time consuming and even dangerous job. Here are some reasons why you should have your gutters professionally cleaned.

Consequences of Dirty Gutters

When gutters are dirty, debris such as leaves and twigs clog them. Their essential function is to redirect water away from your house, but when they’re clogged the water cannot properly be redirected. Instead, it can flow back onto your roof or into the interior of your house to cause serious water damage. In addition to water damage, a clogged gutter offers a home for pests such as mice and birds. If you don’t want pests and water damage, you need to keep your gutters clean.

Professional Knowledge

One of the benefits of hiring professionals is that they know what they’re doing. They know how to clean your gutter, so it stays clean for as long as possible. They also know, based on your region, how often you need to clean your gutters. Whether it is gutter cleaning in Chicago or another city, it needs to be done more often than the fall. Debris can build up all year. The professionals know how to handle it.


Professionals cannot only ensure the safety of your home in cleaning your gutters, but also the safety of yourself. Gutters are high off the ground, which means a ladder is necessary for reaching them. On your own without a lot of professional experience on a ladder, you may set it up incorrectly and risk falling while trying to perch on the top and clean. Professionals are experienced in keeping themselves safe while on a ladder, sparing you the danger.

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