Why You Should Let Professionals Install Irrigation in Grand Rapids Yards

There are a lot of steps you need to take in order to replace ugly, yellow grass with a plush new lawn. You need to make a plan, prepare the ground, install in-ground water systems, and buy seed or order sod. The process is exhausting, time consuming, and difficult for the average homeowner. However, professionals who specialize in Irrigation in Grand Rapids can make short work of the project. They also provide instant lawns, professional irrigation design, and ongoing service to keep your yard beautiful.

Irrigation Experts Create Instant Lawns

Many home-owners seed their yards when they want lawns. The process takes at two or more seasons to produce noticeable results, and requires a lot of maintenance. In contrast, experts like Sanderson & DeHaan can create a lush carpet of lawn within hours. They will lay specially-grown Kentucky Bluegrass sod that instantly transforms your property and increases its value. Sod adapts easily to many environments, and can help stabilize soil erosion. Within a short time you will have a lush walking and playing surface that is free of weeds and yellow areas.

Irrigation Specialists Provide Design Solutions

Regular, thorough watering is key to keeping lawns beautiful, and experts can install custom Irrigation in Grand Rapids yards. During free estimates they will measure your lawn and recommend the exact system that you need. They work with many products, which allows them to create custom systems using parts from various manufacturers. Irrigation equipment may include rotors, valves, sensors, and controllers.

Irrigation Professionals Offer Maintenance Services

Even professionally-installed lawns and watering systems need maintenance to keep them beautiful, and irrigation professionals offer this service. You can arrange a service agreement that ensures your property is ready for each season. Experts provide spring start up services to get your lawn ready for warm weather, and winterization that ensures it is healthy all winter.

It is possible to install and maintain your lawn, but the process is time consuming and labour intensive. Professionals can create a beautiful lawn in hours and design watering systems to keep it that way. They will also prepare your grass for each season, and make sure that it stays healthy.

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