Why Your Doctor Tells You to Take an MRI Exam

Your doctor just told you to get a magnetic resonance imaging scan. Here are possible reasons why you may need to book an MRI exam in Altamonte Springs as soon as possible.

You have unexplained symptoms

If you’ve been experiencing unexplained symptoms, then a magnetic resonance imaging scan can help your doctor determine what’s causing your symptoms. In some cases, your doctor may already guess what your condition is. Getting an exam, though, will help confirm those findings and check whether you’re suffering from a tumor or infection, the Spine-Health says.

You have a history of cancer

If there’s a history of cancer in your family, then the medical exam can be used to rule out this out of the equation. This imaging test can help your doctor eliminate other conditions to arrive at the right diagnosis. That matters, especially if it turns that you may be showing early signs of cancer. Early treatment is often crucial in beating back the disease. You may have better survival rates if proper treatment is administered early on and that’s all possible with the use of imaging tests.

Your condition isn’t improving

Booking an MRI exam in Altamonte Springs at a reputable healthcare facility also helps your doctor monitor your health. If you’ve been undergoing treatments, an imaging test is a non-invasive way for your doctor to check on the progress of your medication. The scan will show whether your body is improving under the medication or not. If your health isn’t showing any signs of positive improvement, then your doctor can adjust your dosage or try out other treatments to see which one may prove much more effective in your case.

These are just a few of the reasons why your doctor may have suggested that you undergo the test. Know more when you talk to your doctor.

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